Collaborating with Our Customers

In our products and those we enable, we innovate to improve people’s lives. The resins that we produce make it possible for our customers to develop products that protect valuable goods in transit, increase shelf life for packaged food products, reduce energy use and enhance safety.

To advance customer collaboration and innovation, this year we opened our expanded Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary. This facility, and our other technology centres, allows us to work together with our customers to bring better-designed, better-performing products to market more quickly.

We strive for “everyday innovation,” where employees throughout the company are encouraged to bring forth their ideas for processes and products. Innovation is a commitment to the future, to the long term. Innovation helps us to reduce our production costs, environmental impacts and safety risks, as well as to stay competitive.

Our Calgary technology centres, the Centre for Applied Research and the Centre for Performance Applications, are the largest private research facilities in Western Canada. We also have a pilot plant in St. Clair Township, Ontario and a technical center in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Together, these facilities allow us to work with our customers to bring pioneering advancements to the marketplace.