NOVA Chemicals Wins Top Rail Safety Awards

We are honored to be the recipient of three top awards for our rail shipping performance in 2014. These awards are evidence of the commitment and dedication of our employees involved in the inspection, loading, unloading, securement and transportation of our products via railcars on a daily basis.

The awards include:
Association of American Railroad’s (AAR) Perfect Game Award for 2014. The award recognizes companies that have achieved the highest level of safety for rail transportation of dangerous goods in a calendar year. In order to be considered for this award, a company must be recognized by at least four Class 1 North American railroads and had zero non-accident releases from rail shipments over a calendar year.
2014 Union Pacific Chemical Transportation Pinnacle Award
This award recognizes our safe loading practices and zero non-accident releases.
CSX Chemical Safety Excellence Award
This award recognizes companies for their commitment to the safe transportation of hazardous material by rail that ship more than 600 carloads each year without a non-accident release.