NOVA Chemicals Receives Environmental Excellence Award

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on behalf of the Government of Ontario named NOVA Chemicals as a recipient of a 2015 Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence award. The company was recognized for its work to move from oil-based feedstock to a lighter ethane-based feedstock at its Manufacturing East facility in Corunna, Ontario. Operationally this results in significant reductions in Corunna’s emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.

In 2014, we converted the Corunna ethylene cracker to use ethane feedstock from the Marcellus Shale Basin. NOVA Chemicals was the first petrochemical company to use Marcellus shale ethane as feedstock. The $250 million project allowed the company to use 100% natural gas liquids to produce ethylene and co-products for use by our downstream operations and to sell to third parties.

The conversion supports growing North American demand for our products, positions the facility for long-term competitiveness and economic viability while meeting our environmental and sustainability objectives and targets.