Safety at NOVA Chemicals

NOVA Chemicals operates on the premise that all work-related illnesses and injuries can be prevented.

Our occupational safety and health programs are designed to protect employees and contractors from both immediate on-the-job and long-term health risks. As the foundation for these efforts, NOVA Chemicals strives to foster a culture in which all workers are responsible for maintaining the workplace health and safety of their fellow employees.

Emergency preparedness and security are cornerstones of NOVA Chemicals' Responsible Care program. Our emphasis is on prevention, but as a chemical manufacturer we recognize that each facility must be ready to respond to crisis situations in order to protect the safety of our workers, the community and the environment.

Through effective process safety management, we reduce the risk of uncontrolled process events such as fires, explosions, and accidental chemical releases. The company employs a comprehensive set of Responsible Care Process Safety Standards and Guidelines to help minimize these events.