Responsible Care® and Sustainability at NOVA Chemicals

In 1985, Canada’s chemistry industry leaders launched Responsible Care ® — a voluntary, industry- led responsibility initiative with a commitment to “do the right thing and be seen to do the right thing.” Today, Responsible Care is practiced in over 50 countries and seeks to align with society’s expectations and aspirations for economic, social and environmental sustainability. 

Responsible Care reflects NOVA Chemicals’ fundamental value of responsibility.  We value the safety and well-being of our co-workers, communities and the environment.  The goal of sustaining them for the future is a cornerstone of our culture.

NOVA Chemicals is proud to be a founding member and leader of the original Responsible Care ideals as well as the recently updated ethic and principles that reflect the industry’s commitment to sustainability.

Our Responsible Care focus begins with a clear understanding of NOVA Chemicals’ mission:  To enable the development of great plastic products that make everyday life easier, healthier and safer.

To provide that social good, we first look at our operations and challenge ourselves each day to achieve a strong performance record in safety, health, and environmental protection and security.  We combine that with a culture of collaboration and innovation among our stakeholders inside and outside the company to develop solutions that create sustainable value.  We apply full life-cycle management to our decisions and actions and recognize the interdependent responsibilities we have throughout our value chain to people, to natural resources, and to communities. 

Our Responsible Care culture is based on open communication and provides a roadmap for continuous improvement and benchmarks to compare, communicate and improve our results.

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