Environment and Energy

Protecting the Environment

NOVA Chemicals believes that sound environmental stewardship and the careful management of our natural resources -- such as air, land and water -- simply make good business sense. We have established companywide systems and procedures to ensure that we continuously improve our environmental performance and protect the well-being of our communities.

Climate Change – Where We Stand

Climate Change is an important global public policy issue. NOVA Chemicals has been actively working to reduce GHG emissions intensity since 1990 and we have reported our performance publicly since 1994.

Our basic beliefs
  • GHG emissions and air quality are important global public policy issues and require the involvement of all stakeholders to develop and implement effective solutions
  • Any solution must both protect the environment and enable economic growth and its benefits
  • Regulations that create uncompetitive regions can have the effect of relocating production and jobs from developed countries and increasing overall emissions
  • Product regulations must reflect the carbon impact of a product through its life cycle
  • A competitive chemical industry in North America will deliver technical innovation, energy efficiency improvements and energy saving products that will reduce the emissions intensity of GHG for industry and for individual consumers

NOVA Chemicals’ position
The most effective solutions to climate change will be achieved through transformational technology that drives step-change improvements in energy efficiency around the world.
  • We support GHG reduction initiatives that are flexible, economically sustainable and recognize early action.
  • We will continue to aggressively invest in energy efficiency technology and projects.
  • We support development of alternative energy sources including nuclear, energy from waste and clean coal, reserving adequate natural gas supplies for upgrading into higher value products.  
  • We will continue to support development of carbon capture and sequestration technology, infrastructure and projects.

We encourage governments to actively support development of transformational technology that can be shared globally.
Additional information
For NOVA Chemicals’ detailed report on managing greenhouse gases, visit “Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.

Energy From Waste – Where We Stand 

The idea of recapturing the energy in plastics as part of burning municipal waste streams to generate electricity has been around for a long time. Today, record energy costs are driving governments at all levels to take a look at all clean energy options.

Public perceptions of plastics are often negative and plastics are rarely considered a sustainable solution. The truth is that plastics make everyday life safer, healthier and easier, and are a significant contributor to sustainable solutions in every area of life. Plastics contribute to source reduction, reduce energy consumption and are often re-used and recycled. Please visit the Recyclability of NOVA Chemicals' Polyethylene Resins document for additional information located under Additional Resources.
Energy From Waste (EFW) is a process that takes municipal solid waste - including plastics at the end of their practical life, and plain old household trash - and combusts at a high temperature, creating steam that turns turbines to generate electricity to power homes and businesses.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes EFW as "a clean, reliable, renewable source of energy…with less environmental impact than almost any other source of electricity."

EFW is an important addition to our industry's sustainability offering.
Our basic beliefs
  • Economic barriers of recycling continues to limit its ability to divert materials from landfills
  • Together with source reduction, re-use and recycling, EFW can achieve a high level of diversion of plastics from landfills
  • EFW is a viable and clean energy option, with growing momentum and political support in Canada and the U.S.
  • EFW has proven commercially viable with safe, reliable and environmentally friendly technology
  • EFW is increasingly trusted and utilized worldwide (89 U.S. and 400 European facilities existing, with 100 new proposed in Europe and nine at various stages of implementation in Canada)

NOVA Chemicals’ position
EFW is an effective waste management end-of-life alternative and a viable clean energy option. We will continue to support our industry organizations in their work to educate and influence government and public audiences about this opportunity to recapture the energy in plastics.