NOVA 2020

NOVA 2020 is NOVA Chemicals long-term asset strategy to capitalize on emerging feedstock opportunities and growing North American demand.

NOVA 2020 lays out the strategic direction and vision of our organization. As we evolve our asset base to support leadership in the markets we serve, this endeavor will not only help deliver more capacity to our customers, but also maximize the value generated by our business.

Joffre, Alberta – Western Canada

NOVA Chemicals is expanding our PE1 facility to have a third gas-phase reactor and associated equipment. This world-scale reactor allows us to bring additional value to our customers – providing more linear-low density polyethylene (NOVAPOL® resins) to the marketplace to meet the growing demand for products such as: trashbags, heavy duty sack, etc.
We expect to start-up the new unit in the 4th quarter of 2016.

Corunna, Ontario – Eastern Canada

In 2014, NOVA Chemicals completed a $250 million project to switch our Corunna, Ontario site from consuming a mix of heavy and light feed to utilizing up to 100% natural gas liquid (NGL) feedstock.

NOVA Chemicals is currently completing engineering work for the conversion of the Corunna, Ontario cracker to utilize 100% ethane feedstock. We expect to complete this project, along with a second pipeline connection, in 2018.

Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ Technology Facility Update

Proposed Polyethylene Plant Utilizing Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ Technology
We continue to explore building a new polyethylene plant utilizing our Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ technology. The base case location for this project is Sarnia, Ontario. For this case we are investigating a corresponding approximate 50% expansion of our Corunna cracker.

We are targeting a 2022 start up, pending final approval in 2017/2018.