SURPASS® Enhanced Barrier Film Resins

NOVA Chemicals offers a portfolio of resins for ultra-high-barrier film applications designed to enhance the convenience, value and safety of consumer packaging applications.

SURPASS EX-HPs667-AB resin

Designed for cast film and extrusion coating, our SURPASS EX-HPs667-AB resin offers unmatched performance in barrier and stiffness. The barrier resin delivers up to 50 percent moisture barrier improvement over conventional technology.  In addition it offers the ability to provide solution redesign and improved sustainability for barrier packaging solutions in markets such as snacks, beverages, dairy, pet foods and lawn & garden applications.
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SURPASS HPs167-AB resin

For blown film extrusion, SURPASS HPs167-AB resin allows packaging designers to reduce film gauge to meet customers’ performance and sustainability objectives, or maintain film gauge while drastically increasing barrier and stiffness performance. The resin also offers unmatched high-moisture-barrier performance in multi-layer packaging -- up to 50 percent improvement over existing resins. SURPASS HPs167-AB resin is ideal for many multi-layer film packaging applications, including cereal and snack liners, meats, cheeses, ready-to-eat meals, pet foods, potting soil and other lawn and garden applications, soaps, printer cartridges and fumigation films.

For More Information

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