Ethylene is a gaseous hydrocarbon that is central to the production of both polyethylene and styrene monomer. NOVA Chemicals produces more than 6 billion pounds of ethylene each year at production facilities in Alberta and Ontario. All of the polyethylene produced at the Joffre, Moore Township and St. Clair River facilities is manufactured from internally produced ethylene.

Seventy-five percent of our ethylene is produced at our Joffre, Alberta plant, primarily from ethane feedstock, which is extracted from natural gas. Ethane is extracted and delivered under medium-term to long-term contracts with natural gas liquids extraction and fractionation plants located in Alberta.

The remaining twenty-five percent of our ethylene is manufactured at our Corunna, Ontario plant in a flexi-cracker. Depending on market conditions, our Corunna ethylene plant has the flexibility to optimize part of its feedstock slate by switching between natural gas liquids, crude oil and crude oil derivatives. Feedstock decisions are made by using a model that calculates the most profitable mix of end products that can be produced from the optimal feedstock slate.