Waste Management

Joffre Recycling  
The Joffre Site generates waste products from our manufacturing processes and other activities - like supporting a workforce of close to 1,000 people. Responsible and economic management of waste is an ongoing priority. Our comprehensive Waste Management Program starts with an emphasis on minimizing, and where possible, eliminating the generation of waste. Where disposal is required, waste is handled safely, responsibly and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.
The Waste Management Program includes many elements to minimize environmental impacts and protect human health. Employees are trained to safely handle, store and dispose of wastes and to use responsible waste management practices in their daily routines to reduce wastes generated in the work place.

Elements of our Waste Management Program

  • Waste action plans identify minimization challenges, opportunities for investigation and projections into the future to help us sustain continuous improvement.
  • Waste collection and storage facilities are constructed and operated to reduce potential contamination or migration risks.
  • Source separation and recycling initiatives are in place for optimum recovery of various potential waste streams. Our scrap metal recovery system actually generates revenue. Generally speaking, recovery and recycling initiatives have a net cost associated with them.
  • All wastes generated at the site are identified, measured and tracked to the point of final disposal (as required by our regulatory approval from Alberta Environment).
  • Wastes requiring disposal are directed to approved facilities with the lowest practical environmental risk for the particular waste characteristic.

Some of our Waste Management Successes

Joffre Soil Enhancement Program  
Our Soil Enhancement Program uses a potential waste stream - lime - into a product for use in the agricultural community. Lime sludge is generated when we remove hardness from water drawn from the Red Deer River. We collect the lime and make it available to area farmers to help them manage their soil pH levels.
Consistent with the site's philosophy, is to put source separation facilities in place to divert materials like wood, plastic, metals, cardboard and 'blue box' type items into recycling/re-use programs.
The Joffre site has:
  • provided Red Deer's Habitat for Humanity with enough surplus lumber to frame three homes
  • shipped 400 tonnes of chipped scrap lumber to a building material manufacturer for re-use in wallboard and shingle production
  • successfully recycled 5,300 tonnes of piping, electrical wire and asphalt collected when reclaiming an area in preparation for new facilities
  • delivered 800 truck loads or 1900 tonnes of lime sludge to amend acid soils in the local farm community
  • continuously supported plastics recycling by directing off-specification plastics from our Polyethylene facilities to a local recycling operation
  • supported organizations that help businesses and communities improve their product stewardship around plastics including the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association - and the Environment and Plastics Industry Council of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.