Light Management

NOVA Chemicals' Joffre Site at Night 
The Joffre Site uses exterior lighting to provide a safe and secure workplace for our employees. Work lights on equipment and walk aisles, roadway lighting, and area lighting are visible in this rural setting. Generally light levels in the vicinity of the site are low, with minimal impact on the surrounding neighbors:
  • resident light trespass levels are below those of outdoor yard lights
  • low-angle viewing directly over the site may be negatively impacted by the skyglow
  • night driving is not view obstructed by lighting glare
The impact is small and there are no regulatory standards. It is important to our community, and we have a number of internal standards to minimize the potential for off-site light impacts.

Light Management Standards

  • Review of new capital projects includes lighting sources and diligent positioning of fixtures
  • Proactive planning for temporary activities considers potential lighting issues
  • Engineering standards outline specific lighting criteria (like shielding fixtures or high/low pressure sodium)
  • Directionally minimize additional lighting in non-critical areas
  • Share lighting impact information with our industrial partners

Some of our Light Management Success

During our last expansion projects, off-site impacts from temporary lighting were minimized by diligent positioning, shielding fixtures, eliminating non-critical lighting and upgrading some existing lighting to be less intrusive.