How To Do Business With Us

Purchasing and supply is important to our business and one way we sustain a competitive edge. Our approach and participation in the supply marketplace is in the spirit of openness and free competition. We look to do business with suppliers who demonstrate the best match of products and capabilities with our business needs. A strong commitment to safety, including responsible product transportation, is also a key factor.
At the Joffre Site purchasing and supply is organized into three commodity areas, each with unique supplier qualification processes.
Labor Services for on-site labor needs. Service providers must qualify through the Contractor
Responsible Care Management Program prior to working on the Joffre Site. Under this program, contractors are accountable for developing and implementing safety/health/ environmental management systems to protect their employees.
MRO/Capital for maintenance, repair and operating goods consumed and for contracting capital improvement projects or off-site services (like consultants). Suppliers qualify against criteria including supply capability, quality systems, complete supply chain (raw materials through product transportation), financial stability, safety / health / environment commitment.
Raw Materials for co-monomers, catalysts, additives, packaging and tolling suppliers used to produce our finished products. Raw material suppliers must qualify through the Responsible Care Partnership in Commitment Assessment. Under this assessment, suppliers are accountable for developing and implementing safety / health / environmental management systems to protect employees, the communities they operate in, and their shareholders. Suppliers must also demonstrate their commitment to quality.
If you are interested in supplying a product or service and want more information about our requirements, please call 403.314.7272 or email