Joffre Site Overview

Joffre, Alberta, Canada

NOVA Chemicals’ Joffre manufacturing facility lies just east of Red Deer, Alberta and is one the largest ethylene and polyethylene production complexes in the world. The site actually consists of five manufacturing facilities: three for ethylene production and two for polyethylene production.

Joffre's first ethylene plant started production in 1979 and was the first manufacturing facility built by NOVA Chemicals. A second ethylene plant and a polyethylene plant began production in 1984.


In the year 2000, NOVA Chemicals started up a third ethylene plant, as part of a joint venture with DOW Chemical, that nearly double Joffre's ethylene production, taking it to 4.8 billion pounds (2165 kilotonnes) annually. At the same time, NOVA Chemicals began production of a second polyethylene plant with an annual rated capacity of 860 million pounds (390 kilotonnes) which uses proprietary processing technologies to produce performance products. In order to power the expanded Joffre facility, NOVA Chemicals and several partners built a 450-megawatt gas-fired cogeneration facility in conjunction with these significant site additions. INEOS Oligomers operates a linear alpha olefins (LAO) facility on the Joffre site.


Ethane, a component of natural gas, is the primary feedstock for ethylene production at Joffre. The ethane used at Joffre is extracted from natural gas in Alberta and is transported to the site via pipeline. In addition, a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline delivers propane to the site as required, providing feedstock flexibility for ethylene production.

End Products

While most of the ethylene is transported to customers via pipeline, 45% is used for polyethylene manufacturing. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are produced at Joffre. NOVA Chemicals is the largest polyethylene producer in Canada, of which the Joffre Site produces 2.2 billion pounds. Polyethylene is shipped via rail and road to North American customers and by ship for offshore destinations.Our customers manufacture consumer and industrial use products including flexible foodpackaging, rotomolded goods, heavy duty sacks, trash bags and caps and closures. The site also produces energy products and co-products, including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, propylene, butadiene and benzene. These products, totaling about 830 million pounds (377 kilotonnes) per year, are sold locally or shipped by rail to North American customers and are used in a variety of industrial applications and in the manufacture of synthetic consumer products.


We directly employ more than 700 employees.