Community Involvement

NOVA Chemicals is committed to being a socially responsible neighbor.  We value the safety and well-being of our communities and the environment and work collaboratively to provide open dialogue and outreach, to lend a hand through our active service and to invest in select organizations dedicated to making a difference and improving quality of life.  Through projects such as tree plantings and wetlands programs NOVA Chemicals' employees and volunteers engage in the health and safety of their communities year-round.

Community Outreach

​As part of our commitment to Responsible Care®, we consult with our communities about our facilities, operations, and products in order to share information, seek input and respond to concerns.  Through community advisory panels, training programs, open houses and personal visits, we strive to create open dialogue with our communities and near neighbors.

Community Engagement

NOVA Chemicals' leaders and employees actively support diverse community focused initiates. Recently, more than 130 employees from around the world purchased a truckload of cereal for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and re-packaged it to provide  200,000 bowls of cereal to neighbors in need.  River Sweep programs send volunteers to collect debris along river banks while our Shelter-In-Place programs focus on a “life-safety” approach for residents in the event of severe weather or industrial emergencies.  

Community Investment

​NOVA Chemicals actively invests in the well-being of our communities.  Our investments generally focus in three core areas:  Education and Science, Health and Community Service and the Arts.  The United Way is the principal way we contribute to community service needs in North America.
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